Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Working alot at uni

Been working alot at uni not really had much time to create designs for t shirts... which i am a little disapointed about. But have been working on photoshop some more and createing ideas to work with and playing around with old ideas.

Been listening to bon iver alot lately and really enjoy his music and lyrics so wanted to create something that kinda shows his passion really, useing an image i found on the internet i created this.

 Also Been trying to work with diffrent ideas for spaceing things and developing ideas, this one i not sure about dont like the fish but the girl looks good working on developing it more into design that can be printed.
 A leopard, I dont normal draw animals or work from animals if so i go with birds, this was something i set myself as a challenge and to develop and learn a new skill through it.